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Iconica announces launch of London and Los Angeles Issue digital publications

Iconica announces launch of London and Los Angeles Issue digital publications

LONDON, 13 JANUARY – Iconica today announced the launch of its new city edition publications; London Issue and Los Angeles Issue.

Following the successful launch of its national titles including Britain Daily and Digital Weekday in 2019, Iconica has been developing its new regional publications to provide local reporting and to promote stronger cultural ties between professionals and creatives residing in the U.S. and the U.K in both cities.

With the addition of London Issue and Los Angeles Issue, the two publications will highlight up and coming talent in the business, tech and creative communities, promoting the very best of what each city has to offer – along with insights into emerging trends, from fashion to movies.

Readers will also be able to subscribe to an Insider’s newsletter by signing up directly for free on either publication from today.

New digital cover editions from both publications are also set to be revealed later in 2021, showcasing industry leaders that are making a difference as well as thought provoking photography with inspiring themes.

From Hollywood to Notting Hill, both publications will promote the latest breaking news stories including global developments.

To discover more, visit London Issue and Los Angeles Issue publications today.

About Iconica

Iconica is a global media and entertainment company creating immersive content experiences for audiences in over 100 countries. Through stories that inspire, empower, and entertain – Iconica’s mission is to create positive change in the world.

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