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Digital marketing expert Rob Curtis wins national award after launching new startup

Digital marketing expert Rob Curtis wins national award after launching new startup

New entrepreneur, Rob Curtis, started his South West-based company The Pursuit Agency a year ago has been named Start Up of the Year at the national Business and Community Awards.
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Cybersmile and ITV Join Forces to Tackle Trolling Through Behaviour Change Campaign

Cybersmile and ITV Join Forces to Tackle Trolling Through Behaviour Change Campaign

Cybersmile and ITV have launched a new behaviour change campaign titled “Would you say it?” which aims to reduce incidents of trolling and raise awareness of the potential impact that our words can have when interacting online.
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China conducts ‘encirclement’ military drills around Taiwan

China conducts ‘encirclement’ military drills around Taiwan

China has launched military drills around Taiwan as it seeks to assert its ability to project power in the region.
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