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Iconica announces launch of The Rutherford Post US and UK edition publications

Iconica announces launch of The Rutherford Post US and UK edition publications

LONDON, 2 JANUARY – Iconica today announced the launch of The Rutherford Post, a British/American digital publication with two national editions covering local and international stories.

The Rutherford Post provides breaking news stories on a wide range of topics including business, health, lifestyle, social media influencers and science among many more. Showcasing local as well as national developments, The Rutherford Post has two dedicated editions in the UK and the US.

Available to access online through its main website, The Rutherford Post is a free-to-access news website with no paywalls or restrictions, offering an accessible platform to readers around the world. With its focus on US and UK stories, The Rutherford Post was developed in the aftermath of The Great Resignation, with a focus on supporting a wide variety of perspectives, and encouraging freedom of expression.

To learn more and discover the latest local stories visit The Rutherford Post or The Rutherford Post UK. You can also connect online via social media on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

About Iconica

Iconica is a global media and entertainment company creating immersive content experiences for audiences in over 100 countries. Through stories that inspire, empower, and entertain – Iconica’s mission is to create positive change in the world.

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