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Verity Systems launches new Support Center and Knowledge Hub

LOS ANGELES, 7 FEBRUARY – Verity Systems today announced a new Support Center and Knowledge Hub providing a number of resources and additional tools.

The new Support Center offers existing Verity System clients with enhanced resources on hard drive degaussers and destroyers that have been manufactured over the last 2 decades. The new platform, which also hosts a knowledge hub, provides in-depth tutorial articles and educational insights for people interested in learning more about data destruction.

Launching today, the Support Center includes new resource pages and support articles for popular Verity Systems units including the Crunch 250 Hard Drive Destroyer and DataGauss Max LG among others.

The Support Center also offers internet users with additional information including:

  • A product library of Verity Systems’ units
  • Dedicated support resource pages with FAQ sections
  • Knowledge and tutorial articles on data destruction
  • Extended warranty product support options
  • Product registry

Over the last 20 years, Verity Systems has developed some of the world’s most powerful hard drive degaussers and destroyers, used by many leading brands, government agencies and institutions.

The new Support Center can be freely accessed online via desktop, mobile and tablet devices – offering companies and individuals further insights into how they can protect and erase their data. Users can also discover more about the differences between Verity Systems products, and use-cases for individual businesses that are looking to securely erase their data.

To learn more, visit the Verity Systems Support Center.

About Verity Systems

Verity Systems design, manufacture and sell the most extensive range of degaussers and data destroyers in the world, providing solutions for secure data erasure of any magnetic media, listed by the NSA and NATO.

With over 30 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing degaussers, Verity Systems provides businesses and government agencies with machines that can securely erase data from hard drives, backup tapes, broadcast audio and video tapes – which can then be safely recycled. Solutions also include machines capable of the physical destruction of hard disks and solid state drives. Auditing software is also provided with degaussers for data compliance and handling.

Customers worldwide are supported by a global distributor network to ensure that a high standard of customer service is achieved and technical support is provided internationally.

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