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Press release distribution

Distribute your press release on the World News Index and access our global readership. Discover all our press release options below including regional distribution channels depending on your requirements.

A new way to distribute news

Whether you have an announcement or wish to make a public statement, the World News Index is building a home for news to give companies an edge. Globally distribute your latest releases through our platform and syndicate your content to our publishing partners to reach readers in every corner of the globe.

Press release distribution for the 21st century

Start exploring a new kind of media distribution

Press release distribution
Distribute your latest news releases directly through the World News Index.
Get your press releases automatically published through our global network of news sites.
Multi-regional visibility
Target readers with your release in one or more of our 4 syndication networks including: U.K., U.S., Europe, World.
Entertainment media
For media businesses and agencies, get extra visibility through our partner network covering entertainment topics.
Editorial placements
Secure additional media placements for your news and work one-on-one with our team to pitch to global publications.
Rich media
Include text, images, video embeds and audio in your releases to make them stand out with no restrictions.

Press release index


See your press releases appear in the World News Index, permanently accessible through search.

Additional extras


Branded newsroom
Take your press releases further by having your own dedicated, branded news channel on World News Index.
Press release writing
Get one of our journalists to write your latest press release for you before it is distributed.

How it works

Once you contact us, one of our team will be in touch to start the process of distributing your first press release.

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