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Professional Yachting Association Welfare Group Launches Webinar to Support Yacht Crew Wellbeing


ANTIBES, France, JUNE 12, 2023 – The Professional Yachting Association (PYA) Welfare Group launched its latest webinar this week to support yacht crew wellbeing, chaired by Angela Wallace, Head of the Welfare Group.

The webinar covered a range of topics related to yacht crew wellbeing including how to deal with bullying and harassment and what steps crew can take to access support from Flag states on various issues.

The webinar, part of an ongoing initiative launched by the PYA Welfare Group, was open to all yacht crew regardless of their experience level and made available to interested parties and existing PYA members.

Among the participants included:

  • Ivan Tabone – Deputy Chief Officer at the Merchant Shipping Directorate at Transport Malta Authority
  • Holly Griffin – Seafarer Living and Working Conditions Policy Manager, UK Maritime and – Coastguard Agency
  • James Hatcher – Senior Maritime Policy Adviser and Shipping Master, Cayman Islands Shipping Registry
  • Alexander von Stein – Advisor / Special Agent / Certified Trainer of trainers and maritime inspectors MLC 2006, Marshall Islands Registry

Since its inception, the PYA Welfare Group has been committed to providing support to yacht crew and believes that crew wellbeing is essential for a safe and productive working environment.

PYA Welfare Group Flag States Webinar

The latest Flag State webinar was part of the PYA’s ongoing efforts to raise awareness of crew wellbeing and to provide crew with the resources they need. Attendees were introduced to Flag, focusing on welfare related concerns. A significant number of yachting crews around the world are still currently unaware of what Flag is and how organisations can be contacted for support. The webinar’s aim was to create a connection between some of the established Flag states, and to answer frequently asked questions in a public forum. During the hour-long session, participating crew became familiar with the various key organisations.

“We are delighted to have welcomed important Flag states to our latest webinar to discuss a number of key welfare issues such as bullying and harassment, abuse and complaint procedures. Although there are many Flag ensigns that yachts fly, we felt it would be prudent and important to include the key players that crew are familiar with and would like to thank everyone that participated,” said Angela Wallace, Director of Interior Training for the PYA Welfare Group.

Representatives of different Flag states highlighted how they were receiving complaints regarding labour issues such as the non-payment of wages and repatriation, but also emphasised that they wanted to provide assistance to crews that needed further help regarding welfare issues such as bullying and harassment. Often these issues are not reported, and the industry as a whole loses highly skilled yachting members each year due to the issue.

To learn more about the PYA Welfare Group or to watch previous webinars, visit:

About The Professional Yachting Association

The PYA is a non-profit association founded in 1991 to support the yachting industry and professional sea crew members from around the world. With a diverse network of advocates and industry leaders from more than 90 countries, the PYA is building a safer, more diverse and sustainable community through education, events, research, thought leadership and awareness initiatives.


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