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Iconica announces launch of International Headlines text only publication

Iconica announces launch of International Headlines text only publication

LONDON, 9 December, 2022 – Iconica has announced the launch of its latest digital publication, International Headlines, a text only news platform.

Covering the latest global developments in areas such as politics, tech, science, climate change, business, health, the arts, public affairs and more, the International Headlines platform has been designed as an easy-to-read news source for internet users around the world.

From original news stories through to up-to-date developments on important global issues, International Headlines curates and publishes the very latest insights and bulletins in a simple text only format with no intrusive advertising, paywalls or heavy page loads. Designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind, the launch of International Headlines coincides with growing calls from internet users to preserve text only news services.

With the ongoing shift in newsrooms today, the decline of text first news services has meant that internet users with slower connections or older devices, particularly in developing economies, have been unable to access the latest news and information. With the development of International Headlines factoring in access requirements for users in different countries, the platform has been built to cater for low speed internet connections, with a small digital footprint, scaled through a global CDN (Content Delivery Network) to minimise loading speeds.

Available to anyone with an internet connection, International Headlines is a free-to-access publication, with the aim of bringing a diverse range of stories from different countries to users around the world.

To discover more about International Headlines, visit the official website or follow the latest updates on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also subscribe to receive the latest news in your email inbox.

About Iconica

Iconica is a global media and entertainment company creating immersive content experiences for audiences in over 100 countries. Through stories that inspire, empower, and entertain – Iconica’s mission is to create positive change in the world.

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