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The World News Index partners with a variety of publications in different verticals from world news to entertainment. Whether you are an established digital magazine or up and coming news organization, we would like to hear from you. Explore our partnership program for publishers below to find out more.

Publishers: Monetizing and growing audiences

Through local, digital journalism, people can learn more about events where they are and the stories that matter. As part of our ongoing effort to bring local news to people around the world, we're always on the lookout for publishers that want to reach more readers, while finding additional channels for monetization.

Benefits for publishers

How your organization can grow its readership and revenue

Increased readership
With our growing community of readers, you can reach more visitors with your content than ever before.
Brand credits & citations
Get credit for every article that is syndicated through our platform with a reference back to your original article underneath each news story.
Publisher identity
Create a custom-branded publisher experience through the World News Index. With a publisher bio, dedicated news channel, and unique RSS feed, you can develop your brand affinity.
Incorporate a custom ad to send readers back to your sales funnel, specific landing page, product offer and more. Publishers can provide digital ads which will be automatically included with every article you send.
Additional monetization
Selected publishers (including video creator channels) can join our private network and be included in paid digital campaigns for brand clients. Payments are made within 48 hours of content being published.
Video news
Video publishers and creators with news channels on YouTube can also apply and benefit from additional revenue through our private network or via our ad serving options.

Publisher branding


Get a unique news dashboard for your publication including a dedicated RSS feed, and article archive.

Additional extras


Choose whether you would like to have WNI original news stories published on your platform. (WordPress required)
Publisher groups
If you own several digital properties, or a mixture of video channels and news publishers, we can also explore a partnership.

How it works

Once you register your interest with us, one of our staff will be in contact with you to explain the next steps. (at the registration stage, you select which options interest you.)

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