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Iconica announces launch of international news publication The Britonian

Iconica announces launch of international news publication The Britonian

LONDON, 24 June, 2020 – Iconica has announced the launch of its new international online publication The Britonian.

The Britonian will provide the latest breaking news stories from Britain and around the world including in-depth commentary, analysis and interviews from business leaders in various industries.

Launching today, The Britonian will be freely available on mobile and desktop devices, providing users with a high quality reading experience where they can discover the latest developments in different parts of the world.

News topics on The Britonian will range from business trends through to scientific developments, health, tech, retail, politics, culture and entertainment related stories as well as headlines from the UK, the US, Europe and Asia.

As a global publication, The Britonian is founded on the principles of providing high quality, authentic journalism that seeks to shine a light on important, international stories – with inclusive, multicultural perspectives.

The publication’s development was inspired by the early British Celts, known as the Britonians, who created several distant settlements in Europe and around the world in 6th century AD. Sometimes referred to as the early ‘British expats’, they looked outward at the world, and travelled thousands of miles to discover their ‘new home’.

As Britain goes through a dramatic change in its history following the European referendum, The Britonian will seek to promote a global, outward looking Britain, while educating readers about the latest UK and international developments.

To discover more about The Britonian, visit the official publication website or follow its social accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see the latest news stories.

About Iconica

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