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Cybersmile teams up with Urban Decay to launch empowerment program for social media users

Cybersmile teams up with Urban Decay to launch empowerment program for social media users
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Cybersmile has revealed its latest new initiative with Urban Decay which is set to educate over 500,000 people about social media use and digital wellbeing. 

Teaming up with Urban Decay to help the brand empower their community, the nonprofit revealed its all new interactive education modules this week aimed at the next generation of social media users in order to help them to stay safe online.

It’s no secret that brands want to do good and help the wider internet deal with some of the pressing issues. Most notably, cyberbullying and harassment have in recent years taken their toll on young people’s mental health. This is something that Urban Decay have been wanting to address, and announced their partnership with Cybersmile last year, which takes them on a 3-year journey to helping the internet become a more positive place. 

Cybersmile, one of the world’s best recognized nonprofits helping people overcome online abuse and cyberbullying, has been at the forefront of educational development in recent years. Having launched its education platform, and AI and working with a host of global brands, Cybersmile has been looking at ways to reach young people and create tools that can help them in their daily lives.

Backed by a host of celebrities, Cybersmile has worked with ambassadors such as Normani, Latin American sensation Samantha Sanchez, golfer and model Paige Spiranac, as well as TikTok influencer Holly H to promote its mission. 

With the launch of their new Changemaker Program and its 6 distinct modules, Internet users can immediately begin to benefit from the new resources, backed with donations from Urban Decay. 

In a statement today, the nonprofit’s CEO Scott Freeman said, “We are excited to launch our new Changemaker Program as part of our long-term partnership with Urban Decay. The changemaker curriculum has been designed to educate and empower internet users with the tools they need to utilize the power of the internet and use technology to make a real positive difference to the world.”

Having revealed a series of new educational modules in the past year, the nonprofit also provides in-depth online resources that people of all ages can access including lesson plans for schools that want to help students develop their self-awareness in support of their overall wellbeing. 

Source: Los Angeles Issue

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