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Influencer Amazing Arabella leads entertainment industry support for Stop Cyberbullying Day

Influencer Amazing Arabella leads entertainment industry support for Stop Cyberbullying Day

© Amazing Arabella / Instagram

Influencer Amazing Arabella pledged her support for the 10th anniversary of Stop Cyberbullying Day, encouraging her young fans to take care of their personal wellbeing.

Recently spotted on the red carpet in Leicester Square for the premiere of Tom Cruise’s box office hit ‘Top Gun: Maverick’, the fast rising teen star has been taking a more active role in supporting good causes to help her young followers.

Coordinated by The Cybersmile Foundation, Stop Cyberbullying Day is celebrated in over 150 countries with today’s event welcoming a host of stars including Premier League football players, actress Ava Michelle from Netflix hit series 'Tall Girl', TikTok star Holly H and many more.

Coinciding with the launch of this year’s Stop Cyberbullying Day event, Cybersmile revealed a new study showcasing the impact of social media use on Gen Z wellbeing in the U.K. Some of the findings gave a stark overview of the current mental state of Britain’s young social media users. 89% of respondents indicated that social media had negatively affected their mental health.

Speaking about the study, Arabella said, “It can sometimes be hard for us to understand the difference between the real world and the digital world as we can often become engrossed in a pixelated reality. The way we look after our own wellbeing, learn how to use the internet productively and communicate through it is key.”

Sharing the report with her community today, Arabella encouraged her young and parent followers to practice family activities, with education being introduced at an early age to “encourage balance and knowledge”.

With Stop Cyberbullying Day bringing together leading voices in the entertainment industry, the event has received wide support on social media and across the entertainment business, with thought leaders sharing their views online.

As mental health and overall wellbeing takes centre stage, brands and public figures are looking at ways of addressing some of the pressing issues affecting people in our more digitally connected world.

Social media users can engage with the day’s event, and share their post using the #StopCyberbullyingDay hashtag.

Source: Film Industry Network

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