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Leading anti-aging physician Dr. Roya Hassad is helping women restore their wellbeing

Leading anti-aging physician Dr. Roya Hassad is helping women restore their wellbeing
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Dr. Roya Hassad, an anti-aging physician and public speaker, has been helping women of all ages restore their health and wellbeing thanks to a unique blend of tailored treatments. Working in the wellness space for over 20 years, Dr. Hassad has been helping clients find new vitality by providing specialized consultations and wellness plans that make a substantial difference to their lives.

From bioidentical hormone therapy to treat various problems such as PMS, memory loss and sleep problems, through to stem cell therapy for prolonging life – Dr. Roya has found success in treating a wide range of health problems.

Medical Director of Advanced Medical Health Services and founder of Hope, Life and Dream Centers in New York, Dr. Roya has managed to combine science, beauty and wellness to provide women with the ultimate treatment plan. As one of the top family physicians in the USA, she’s helped clients overcome some of the most difficult challenges by looking at the 360 picture, and applying appropriate treatments.

Following the success of her medical career and growing clientele, she now has 3 locations in New York where she provides regular treatments. Dr. Roya also recently announced a planned expansion to Los Angeles, with an ever increasing demand from clients on the West Coast looking for a range of treatments.

Whether it’s a problem with sleep, fertility or nutrition, Dr. Roya has developed specific programs to address each individual case, helping her clients consider their lifestyle choices as well as how they approach their wellness. Standard treatments often can only resolve the symptom but not the primary cause. This is where Dr. Roya has differentiated, supporting women through difficult health challenges – and leading them to take treatments tailored to their situation that has a more profound impact.

Have you considered a wellness program or are looking at alternative health therapies to extend your life and improve your wellbeing?

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