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New study reveals more than 50% of U.S. workers feel mentally unwell and require time away

New study reveals more than 50% of U.S. workers feel mentally unwell and require time away
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Over half (56%) of American employees, particularly Millennials and Gen Z, reported feeling mentally ill in the preceding year, according to new study from employee benefits provider Unum.

In addition, 42% of workers claimed they required time off from work to address their mental health.

Numbers on mental health

Worker mental health continues to be poor. According to experts, the pandemic’s mix of work demands and health issues led to widespread mental health issues that would have long-lasting effects.

Unum research revealed:

  • Employees believe that their employers can do better in eradicating the stigma associated with mental health year-round, according to 70% of respondents.
  • 30 percent of respondents believe their organization might do a better job of publicizing its offerings or resources related to mental health.
  • 42 percent are more inclined to wait until a crisis to get treatment for their mental health than to do so proactively.
  • One in three people (35%) say that the main barrier to obtaining mental health resources is the expense of services.

Swapnil Prabha, vice president of Workforce Wellness Solutions for Unum Group, said this type of data continues to drive investments in mental health care by employers for their employees.

“The ongoing pandemic has further exacerbated the mental health crisis we were already in, but it also helped normalize the need for mental health support,” said Prabha. “Despite the longstanding stigma and other challenges in mental health, the power of technology can make it possible for more people to get access to the right help when they need it.”

Source: Digital Weekday