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NATO allies prepare reinforcements for Eastern Europe as Russian military buildup continues

Volkel Air Base in The Netherlands / © Angelo Abear

BRUSSELS (WNI) — NATO have confirmed that they are putting additional military forces on standby as it continues to monitor a Russian buildup of troops, aircraft and tanks near its eastern borders.

The alliance confirmed that several NATO members have announced upcoming deployments. This includes an additional frigate from Denmark that will be deployed to the Baltic Sea as well as 4 F-16 fighter jets to reinforce Lithuania’s air-policing mission.

Spain is also sending ships to join NATO naval forces that could be supported by additional deployments of fighter jets to Bulgaria.

The Netherlands confirmed it too would be sending 2 additional F-35 fighter jets to Bulgaria from April and is putting land-based units as well as a ship on standby for NATO’s Response Force.

Meanwhile France has expressed it may send troops to Romania through NATO command.

The military buildup follows commitments from the U.K., the U.S. and Canada which include the provision of anti-tank weapons and additional light amour defensive weapons. The U.K. earlier last week sent several C-17 military transport planes to Ukraine with 2,000 anti-tank weapons and joins the U.S. in recalling non-essential staff from its embassies in Ukraine as tensions mount.

Russia is also reported to have deployed additional Su-30 fighters to Belarus along with two S-400 battalions. The U.S. has indicated it is prepared to bolster its military presence in Europe as the security situation evolves.

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