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Russia launches ‘full scale invasion’ of Ukraine as martial law declared

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KYIV (WNI) — Russian troops and armoured vehicles were seen entering Ukraine overnight on multiple fronts as Ukraine’s President declared martial law and condemned Russia's latest actions.

There have been multiple reports of Russian armoured vehicles and soldiers entering Ukraine from the east, as well as through Crimea and north of the capital Kyiv.

President Putin announced he would be ordering a “special military operation” in Ukraine to demilitarise the country which was swiftly followed by bombings of Ukrainian military bases and strategic sites.

Residents in Kyiv rushed into the metro to take refuge as sirens blared out, with multiple cities reporting shelling.

Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the nation and declared martial law across the country with scenes of long lines of cars heading out of the capital Kyiv.

Countries around the world have condemned Russia’s latest actions with the EU, UK vowing unprecedented sanctions in response to Putin’s actions.

NATO members including Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are said to have invoked Article 4 to begin formal consultations with members over security concerns.

The US previously suggested the conflict could lead to an influx of up to 5 million Ukrainian refugees crossing the border. Baltic states and in particular, Poland, have been preparing to accommodate families with European allies also providing support.

Russia’s latest military incursion brings Europe back to a state of war according to several Western nations. Stock Markets across Europe opened sharply lower in early morning trade in response to the deteriorating situation in Ukraine.

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