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New Business Council launched to boost Global Britain

New Business Council launched to boost Global Britain
© Valeriu Bondarenco

This week the Prime Minister announced a new Business Council that will help to improve the UK’s global trade ambitions and encourage inward investment.

With the aim to promote Britain as a go-to destination outside of the European Union, the new Business Council’s launch coincides with the 2-year anniversary of Brexit. Helping to assert Britain’s unique place in the world as a destination for foreign investors, the Business Council will comprise of leaders from a variety of industry sectors – working to drive high growth and productivity within all home nations.

The Business Council is set to meet at least 4 times a year, with a focus on a new green industrial revolution that will lead to job creation and a new era of prosperity for Britain.

In order for Britain to capitalise on its post-Brexit status as an independent trading nation, PM Boris Johnson has set the stage for the next 12 months, eyeing a growth framework that consists of three core pillars.

Speaking about the launch of the Business Council this week, the PM said: “Harnessing the extraordinary powers of our new Business Council, together we will knuckle down on creating new high skilled, high wage jobs, driving innovation in science and tech, and mobilising investment to deliver the green industrial revolution – all while levelling up and securing the UK as the best place to do business.”

Among the Business Council’s 28 members include a line-up of industry leaders in energy, manufacturing, finance, aerospace, fashion, insurance and tech.

Already forecast to be the fastest growing G7 economy in 2022, Britain is stepping up its ambitions for global trade as it prepares to attract skilled workers and investment in a variety of sectors.

Source: Britain Daily