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Luxury beauty brand Opulence London: Elegance in every way

Luxury beauty brand Opulence London: Elegance in every way
© Opulence London

Opulence London have revealed their latest line of products as they set out to empower women to feel at their best.

Launched this year, Opulence London was founded on the principle of creating high quality, luxury beauty products that empower women to feel beautiful, strong and elegant.


Since its debut, Opulence London has revealed an exclusive product line of lip glosses, lip liners and lashes that exude grace and style while putting affordability at the heart of their range. The company has also developed its lash styles to cater to individual needs while offering vegan-friendly and cruelty free lip products.


Unveiling its recent collection of faux mink lashes, Opulence London has been striving to set itself apart since its launch by empowering its customers through its products. One of the brand’s key missions has been to encourage diversity and equality by providing proceeds from product sales to charities that are making a difference.


Opulence London selected the Bless Foundation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which helps support families and disadvantaged individuals by providing basic necessities as well as educational training. Profits from a range of products will be donated to the cause to help fund their various programmes.


Seeking to incorporate faith and beauty together as a driving force for change, Opulence London is also catering its products for people of all backgrounds and skin colours. Ahead of the Christmas gifting season, the brand is preparing a pop shop in early December that will demonstration lip-glosses in person as well as lipliners and their latest range of products. A number of models and a professional makeup artist will provide live demos.


As Britain’s luxury and beauty industry prepares for the busy Christmas season, brands are looking to empower their customers, and are taking bold steps to help charities that can bring about positive outcomes in society.


By supporting diversity, equality and funding education, Opulence London aims to empower women around the world. To learn more about the brand, visit their website and connect with them on Instagram and TikTok.

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Source: Britain Daily