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Elmedin Ademi: We built a company ‘family and friends can be proud of’

Elmedin Ademi: We built a company ‘family and friends can be proud of’
Real estate developer, CEO and founder of Eurovia Group, Elmedin Ademi sees family values at the heart of business.

Elmedin Ademi, CEO for one of Eastern Europe’s most successful construction firms, is encouraging entrepreneurs to make businesses that their “family and friends can be proud of.”

Originally from North Macedonia, Ademi has led Eurovia Group with a personal vision to instil excitement and happiness through each project, setting the company apart in a highly competitive industry which has helped it build relationships with shareholders, business partners and clients. Having worked across construction fields as a contractor for many years prior, Ademi places integrity, respect and accountability as a core mission to ensure he can realize his vision from the ground up.

“A critical part of my vision for the firm is making sure that our people are happy and excited about what they do,” he says.

Ademi, who’s worked with a broad portfolio of companies within construction as well as entertainment is also a passionate real estate developer. Having founded Eurovia Group in 2010, the firm quickly expanded to 3 countries and now has 6 affiliated companies in various sectors.

Starting his first business venture at just the age of 22, Elmedin Ademi launched Screen Media, which became one of the largest outdoor advertising companies within the sector. Fast-forward to the construction business, and Eurovia Group has left a legacy over the last decade completing more than 90 projects, and employing 250 people.

“We put much effort in finding the right people, who can realize the full potential of our companies,” adds Ademi.

With entrepreneurs seeking direction, Ademi has been inspiring the next generation of business builders to think about how they can bring excitement to their work while considering the importance of family values and creating a culture that helps empower teams toward success.

Sustainability is also playing a role and businesses need to be aware of their impact according to Ademi. And for the construction industry, it’s becoming a key priority for firms to ‘build back better’ which he is encouraging ahead of the COP26 UN Summit this month.

“We believe that helping to create a sustainable world through our business will lead to further business growth.”

As Elmedin Ademi leads Eurovia Group to transform its operations, entrepreneurs will play a key role in future developments and how society rises up to the challenges ahead.

Have you considered what impact you could make in the business world by applying these values and principles?

Source: Digital Weekday