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New framework launched to diversify London architecture and design

London architecture and design changes in 2023 announced by Mayor
© Oscar Nord

This week, London Mayor Sadiq Khan unveiled a new group of creative and diverse built environment experts to aid in his effort to create a better city for everybody.

For organisations like councils and housing associations, the new Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) Framework offers a diverse, pre-approved panel of built environment consultants, making it quicker and easier for them to commission high quality expertise for specific kinds of public sector projects in London.

The Greater London Authority Group and other public sector commissioning authorities can select top-notch architectural, placemaking, and urban planning design services for a variety of built environment projects by using the A+U Framework. To assure excellent standards at each step of the design process, it is divided into ten main categories of work.

It takes the place of the second ADUP2 (Architecture Design and Urbanism Panel), which was established in 2018. The ADUP2 was utilised by 45 public organisations a total of 163 times throughout its four-year lifespan to purchase professional services valued over £45 million. Of this, the Greater London Authority Group is responsible for about £10,3 million, with the remainder funds coming from London boroughs and other public sector organisations.

When the procurement procedure, which received 578 submissions from 273 suppliers, was completed successfully, 65 suppliers have now been given the remaining 96 spots on the new Framework.

‘Diverse-led’ businesses, defined as those with at least half of their executive leadership identifying as female, Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic, disability, and/or LGBTQIA+, have received more than half (57%) of the available spots on the Framework.

The suitability of each successful provider to fulfil the objectives of the Framework was evaluated during the two stages of the procurement process.

A crucial component of the mayor’s Good Growth by Design (GGBD) agenda is the Architecture and Urbanism Framework. The GGBD program’s “Commissioning Quality” pillar, which ensures exceptional design quality, maximises long-term value for money while simultaneously fostering greater engagement in public projects.

Source: London Issue

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