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Ireland’s Nua Fertility helping people conceive with the launch of its new formula 

Ireland’s Nua Fertility helping people conceive with the launch of its new formula 
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Family-run company Nua Fertility is taking a different approach when it comes to helping couples conceive. The pioneering company has been looking to promote fertility through the use of natural solutions. 

After giving up their full-time jobs, founder Deborah Brock and her husband Mark decided to launch their new venture after having experienced first-hand the challenges of trying for a baby. After 4 years, the couple’s fertility journey led to the birth of their daughter, Ella, who is now 8. 

In setting up Nua Fertility, the couple realised how important it was to have a healthy diet, remove stress and consider all the contributing factors that affect fertility. With society going through a difficult period where couples are facing financial pressures, difficulties at work and a general declining fertility, there’s a growing concern among people that they may never be able to have their first child.

Nua Fertility is aiming to change all of that with its goal to support individuals through its unique food supplements containing key nutrients for women including a mixture of vitamins & minerals such as zinc, selenium and vitamins C, E, D, B6, B12, combined with good bacteria. The formula also includes 400µg of Folic Acid (in naturally occurring folate) which has been recommended by health experts. 

The company’s approach is also one of educating couples through their online community, and connecting with young couples on Facebook and Instagram to share how they can improve fertility while taking care of their overall health.


Offering monthly subscriptions from €54.99 to its discounted three month programme, the company is offering a variety of products to support couples on their journey to conception. 

With couples conceiving later in their adult lives, it has become increasingly important for people to look after their health with proper supplementation, and the founders of the business have a big ambition to support and educate couples so that they can start their families. 

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