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World Lab Technologies and Alexandr Jucov aim to bring about a new era of abundance by addressing societal issues with the launch of The Foundation

World Lab Technologies and Alexandr Jucov aim to bring about a new era of abundance by addressing societal issues with the launch of The Foundation
© Alexandr Jucov

Some of the wealthiest individuals, including Warren Buffet, Bill and Melinda Gates and others have combined to establish The Giving Pledge. “The Giving Pledge is a commitment by the world’s wealthiest individuals and families to dedicate the majority of their wealth to giving back.” 

The recognition by this group that structured philanthropy is needed to address some of Humanity’s most critical challenges beyond the responsibilities of governments and public funds is a remarkable and critical step. More structure and especially private financing is needed so that some of this initial commitment can be focused on the New Religion of Consciousness towards the Salvation of Humanity.

A foundation run by World Lab Technologies will require first a common vision and shared belief amongst a few of the most powerful, the most influential in the world. It will require capital to deliver and spread the New Story. It will require the collaboration and support of the current leaders of the world’s major religions, political organisations, business leaders and leaders of nations. It will require to build a Foundation for the new era.

The proposed action plan for The Foundation

Several trillion dollars will be needed to establish the Foundation for the New Era. A comprehensive action plan will need to be built and implemented. This action plan will include at minimum the following:

  1. To build broad support, fear and anger need to be turned into a new faith in the possibility of abundance. The Foundation will need to establish a form of Wealth Funds, as described by Eric Lonergan and Mark Blyth in “Angrynomics” in order to re-focus global economic change, build new infrastructure for renewable energy and fight inequality. Despite the world economy, as measured in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) having reached historic levels during the past fifty years, demonstrations around the world in 2020 reveal the deep-rooted anger in the general population. This is due to the imbalance in the distribution of wealth and resources. Combined with fear, this anger has resulted in tribalism, nationalism and a discontent of the general public with its leaders, resulting in social instability. However, this does not need to be the case. The Foundation’s Wealth Funds would be set up to encourage entrepreneurship and innovation but be available primarily to those regions and populations that are currently disadvantaged. The Wealth Funds’ aim will be to break down barriers to wealth and support political policies that inspire regional development. Funds would be available as a combination of grants and investments into new ventures.
  2. The Foundation will need to lobby and engage existing leaders in government and all major religions to start from there to disseminate the New Religion of Consciousness. To ensure the adoption of a New Story for Humanity, it will require alignment with existing narratives. The Foundation will participate in leading forums on climate change, global economy, technology and religion such as the G7, G20, and World Economic Forum, as well as organise new forums specific to the Action Plan of the Foundation. The Foundation will join the Giving Pledge and participate in the discourse of the role of structured philanthropy among the leaders in the global business community.
  3. The Foundation needs to establish, take over or reinvent media platforms to re-focus the delivery of reliable information and integrate blockchain technologies for permanent and decentralised verification. The aim is to merge and acquire leading media brands and integrate security and verification technologies. The Foundation aims to deliver reliable, diverse and verifiable information while breaking down the trend towards information bias and segregation. Much like Turner Media in the 1980s transformed the delivery of 24/7 news driven by advertising capital, the proliferation of mobile devices and the development of blockchain technology provides for new opportunities to monetise the delivery of unbiased information and news from diverse viewpoints using new and innovative business models with a different relationship to advertising and capital.
  4. The Foundation will invest in sports, movie and other popular entertainment organisations and media in order to reach the general population with messages of the New Story. People spend more than eleven hours per day interacting with screens and media. The most effective way to disseminate a New Story is to develop or tag onto media content. The reach and influence of popular entertainment media is far yet subtle. To adopt a New Story for Humanity, popular entertainment content can play a massive role. At the same time, as new streaming services have shown, with quality entertainment content, this initiative can be both meaningful and commercially profitable.
  5. The Foundation will invest in renewable energy initiatives, including energy generation, UHV distribution and energy storage projects. The Foundation will invest in EV technologies, and energy homes that start to address a growing affordable housing crisis. For EV technologies, the Foundation will focus on developing nations, where existing vehicle infrastructure has lagged behind developed nations. The advantage is that in developing nations new EV technologies have the opportunity to help such nations leapfrog legacy technology. The reason why EV adoption in countries such as the United States is slow, is that it runs counter to deep-rooted fossil fuel vehicle culture and existing infrastructure. For affordable energy homes on the other hand, the Foundation will initially focus on developed nations, where the growing crisis in affordable housing is most critical. Energy homes can not only address affordable housing in an economically sustainable manner but equally important help augment the ageing electrical grid infrastructure without the need for a wholesale and costly overhaul.
  6. The Foundation will research and establish new educational platforms that combine in-person and remote learning to provide equal access to high quality and diversified education to as many children in the world. Existing education in almost every nation relies on outdated practices of conveying knowledge from one generation to another. We will implement more effective and innovative education methods while working with some of the most renowned academic institutions to harness the power of curiosity and creativity and improve education that is better aligned with our growing knowledge of how human brains work and learn.
  7. The Foundation will support the Arts as an integral part of the New Era of Humanity, based on the belief that the Arts as defined in their broadest sense will become one the most thriving and rewarding aspects of the next level of Humanity’s evolution and can continue to provide us with a glimpse into the mysteries of the unknown and together with faith help fill gaps in our scientific knowledge and increase the overall level of human consciousness.
  8. The Foundation will invest in research into longevity, biotechnology, Energy Medicine, medical nanotechnologies and holistic approaches to improving human health. By combining our rapidly growing knowledge of genetics, where we have even achieved to create synthetic life for the first time, with advancements in quantum-physics based energy medicine and biotechnology, human health can be improved at the most elemental and fundamental level. The Foundation will work with existing biotechnology institutions and companies as well as fund new ventures to realise not only longer lifespans but healthier ones.
  9. The Foundation will support and invest in research and development of beneficial AI and the interrelationship of AI with the growth of human intelligence and consciousness. We will participate in the discourse of what the future of AI and its relationship with Humanity could be. Many thinkers have speculated on both the potential negative and positive outcomes of rapidly growing AI. The Foundation believes that AI can be beneficial to Humanity’s evolution through not only co-existence but rather integration, aiding Humanity’s quest towards greater consciousness and meaning within the Universe.
  10. The Foundation will support and invest in continuing research at the Large Hadron Collider and the development of the Future Circular Collider to advance our knowledge of dark energy and the universe. Expanding our knowledge of dark energy may well be one of the greatest and most meaningful scientific pursuits. It may help us answer why in a universe that seems to favour a state of high-entropy, there is any order or low-entropy at all. Humanity has attributed this dichotomy to the existence of a Creator. From recent discoveries, we suspect it has something to do with consciousness, another enduring mystery of life and existence. The answer may well lie with dark energy, which after all comprises almost three quarters of all the universe. Any knowledge we gain about dark energy may not only help Humanity reach a higher consciousness but unlock some of the immense power of the universe itself.

The Foundation’s Action Plan represents merely an initial step on a long path to transform the story of Humanity that was always centered on scarcity and competition, to a New Era of Abundance, inclusiveness and cooperation. Releasing a statement this week, The Foundation said, “We believe that the existential threats we face should serve as a call to action for Humanity and particularly its leaders to perform introspection and through innovation and a commitment to exploration and discovery, expand our collective and individual awareness and Consciousness.” 

World Lab Technologies has announced its commitment to this path and intends to apply the necessary capital while actively seeking leaders in all fields to join the organisation in its quest.

Source: London Issue