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600,000 Hong Kong residents set to relocate to Britain

600,000 Hong Kong residents set to relocate to Britain
© Elton Yung

Hong Kong residents are anticipated to make the move to Britain in larger numbers than previously estimated.

Hong Kong citizens are more likely to relocate to Britain in a larger exodus according to new research which suggests an influx of 600,000 people or more.

Holders of BNO passports will be eligible to obtain visas to resettle in Britain with applications already being made to the new programme. The Home Office had previously estimated that the numbers would not exceed half a million, however the path to citizenship has proved to be an attractive option.

With a majority of Hong Kong residents holding university degrees, well educated people with salaries above the average for the city are set to contribute considerably to UK GDP.

In response to China’s new National Security law, Britain opened up citizenship to BNO passport holders in a rebuke to China’s crackdown on political opposition groups.

Source: Daily Scotland