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1.5 million homes damaged or destroyed in the Philippines following Super Typhoon Rai

© Carl Kho

LAPU-LAPU, Philippines (WNI) — Following last month’s devastating Super Typhoon Rai, a new study has revealed that 1.5 million houses have been damaged or destroyed in the Philippines.

The destructive force of the typhoon is one of the most severe in recent decades and has displaced thousands of families as areas including Cebu, Palawan and Bohol have been hardest hit according to the IFRC’s latest assessment.

With large-scale damage to homes and critical infrastructure, aid organisations have been working on the ground to help build shelters and temporary accommodation for displaced families. The Red Cross have committed to supporting 30,000 displaced families, providing materials for shelter construction as well as sleeping kits, kitchen sets, blankets and clothing.

When typhoon Rai hit the Philippines, its recorded wind speed was in excess of 120 mph. On the islands of Siargao and Dinagat, an estimated 90% of buildings were either damaged or destroyed including schools and town halls.

The IFRC estimate that as much as $22 million in emergency aid is needed to help support 400,000 people over the next 2 years who have been affected by the typhoon.