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Savannah Kondratyev reveals how artists can create better healed results with beauty lip blushing techniques

Savannah Kondratyev reveals how artists can create better healed results with beauty lip blushing techniques
© Savannah Kondratyev

Cosmetic tattoo artist and lip blush specialist Savannah Kondratyev is revealing her latest techniques to help artists create better healed results.

Having started her shop, First Class Cosmetics in New York, Kondratyev found a growing demand for lip blush tattoos and began to work with a variety of clients. Thanks to year-on-year growth in her business, she now has a team of cosmetic tattooing experts that provide a variety of lip blushing enhancements to people from around the world. Among her services include gentle cosmetic tattooing with color transformations for people that have hyperpigmentation and cool toned dark lips as well as body sculpting and teeth whitening. Sessions are carried out over several weeks to help create the perfect look.

Creator of the Sultry Lip Blush Tattoo technique, Kondratyev has become a leading figure in her industry, and recently started offering permanent makeup workshops in NYC for artists looking to perfect their technique. As an Evenflo Master Artist and Cosmetologist, Kondratyev has been working 1:1 with other artists to help them master their profession and uses vegan friendly and non-toxic inks in all her work. Now with her new digital classes, tattoo artists across the U.S. can get the training they need to start their lip blushing businesses or to learn more about the art of cosmetic tattooing.


With her vast knowledge in skin care, color transformations and gentle tattooing methods, the tattoo specialist has helped hundreds of women find their new look, while training new artists on the very latest methods. These include laser tattoo removals and color shaping among other enhancements to create inspiring looks.

For artists eager to learn about getting better healed results and lip blushing procedures, they can explore the various training options available from First Class Cosmetics to get ahead.

And as cosmetic tattooing becomes more popular, shops are beginning to appear everywhere from Los Angeles to New York and beyond.

Have you considered getting a cosmetic tattoo or learning how to become professional artist with lip blush training? Share your thoughts with us.

Source: Los Angeles Issue

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