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Ventureaxis is powering applied sports science to give organisations an edge

Ventureaxis is powering applied sports science to give organisations an edge
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Software company Ventureaxis is leading the technological revolution in applied sports science as big data plays a pivotal role in the success of global companies.

Having worked with a number of sports brands including Premier League and National football clubs, Ventureaxis, based in Leeds, has been developing custom technology solutions over the past 15 years.

With sports clubs including rugby teams and golfing brands seeking more advanced data analytics, there’s been a renewed push for more sophisticated data solutions including acquisition systems and tracking for live matches.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and one of Britain’s early adopters of new technology-enabled information and processing systems, Ventureaxis has helped a number of startups as well as established brands change how they approach their business models.

Among some of their software development specialisations include the deployment of sports data acquisitions systems which help to gather data used by the media during matches. These are split into two types including “Events” and “Tracking” where data is monitored, measured and utilised to formulate outcomes such displayed data on distances covered by match officials on a pitch, and the number of passes or interceptions by individual players or teams.

With sports data analysis providing a host of opportunities, these systems can compile extensive reports, trends, statistical information and can be used for a variety of purposes from training to team tactics as well as player selection and recruitment.

Applied sports science is also being used in information distribution, where data can be shared in real-time with news partners from live matches to offer stats, displayed information or commentary. This has been an area of development where competitive sports has been fundamentally changed by data capture and distribution. With broadcasters now having deep insights and access to numerous metrics, there’s more opportunity to display interesting facts, and provide deeper analysis on football matches through to golfing tournaments.

Ventureaxis has also been developing systems for the ticketing business and event management solutions that help sports brands manage player registration as well as sales and finances. With their technical expertise in Cloud, Mobile, Web, Desktop and VA, sports clubs have more access to applied sports science than ever before.

And with Britain aiming to become a ‘science and technology superpower’ in the next decade, companies like Ventureaxis are leading an exciting shift in data acquisition systems which will play an even bigger role in the sports industry for years to come.

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Source: The Britonian

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