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PromoMii launches A.I. powered software to speed up video editing by 70%

PromoMii launches A.I. powered software to speed up video editing by 70%

UK based startup, PromoMii, announces the full release of their A.I. powered video search and creation tool, Nova A.I. The tool allows users to search their video content and extensive archives in detail for things such as objects, shot types, words, activities, emotions, and people. Enabling them to instantly find key clips within their footage. The software is proving to be a huge success due to the highly sought-after capability of allowing content to be 100% searchable within a matter of seconds, speeding up workflow by an impressive 70%, and up to 90% savings in costs. Nova A.I. is currently used by multiple broadcasters and media houses globally including Disney, Nordic Entertainment Group and SVT.

Currently, the process of video editing is incredibly time-consuming. To make a 10 second promo video for digital or social media, an editor can spend +3 days and + £500. 90% of their time is spent watching content and manually finding scenes. This has consistently presented a real issue for content creators across the board. Coupled with recent announcements of the TV and film sector facing a disastrous 100,000 job cuts as part of “saving packages”, this is a clear indicator of a need to streamline video editing processes and workflows for content owners.


This is where PromoMii is revolutionizing the industry with the release of Nova A.I. Used effectively, the platform could suffice as an attractive solution for a variety of users by streamlining the video editing process to become drastically more efficient.

Want to find all the scenes with Jim Carrey clapping in the Truman show? Users need to simply search “Jim Carrey + Clapping” and all these scenes are highlighted instantly. This is because Nova A.I. analyses the original video content and labels everything that happens in each second, thereby allowing creators to search and find anything in their video content within a matter of seconds. Imagine a Google search for your video content. Users can also create templates for searches and clip-making on the platform, transcribe audio to text, and get automatic subtitles with Nova understanding 38 languages (and counting).

PromoMii began with Michael Moss, who began developing the tool in 2018 after finding a niche in the market for this kind of smart software. As CEO and Co-Founder of PromoMii, Michael explains how his ultimate motivation in life is to bridge the gap between creativity and business with technological innovation, and that he hopes to do this with Nova A.I:

"There is a growing demand for more content without raising budgets accordingly. Content creators simply do not have the time or means to create enough content. Archives do not know what their archives contain. With Nova A.I., we have aimed to remove the most time-consuming part of the process of working with video, to allow users to produce more content of higher quality and manage their archives efficiently."

Digital video is skyrocketing and the unprecedented ‘new normal’ of 2020 has only accelerated this

Video improves conversion rates by 120%, mobile video watching increases by 100% every year, and by 2022, online videos are predicted to make up more than 82 per cent of all consumer internet traffic. Coupled with the now urgent need to keep businesses afloat and jobs in-tact within a creative industry experiencing brutal job cuts, the need to switch to software that is going to help streamline video workflows to both facilitate video content demand and support businesses is crucial in order to survive. The need for software like Nova A.I. by Promomii has never been more prevalent.

Source: Film Industry Network

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