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Elon Musk brings sink to Twitter HQ in San Francisco as deal approaches

Elon Musk brings sink to Twitter HQ in San Francisco as deal approaches
© Joshua Hoehne

Elon Musk took the time to bring his kitchen sink to Twitter HQ in San Francisco today as the entrepreneur looks to complete his acquisition of the company.

With its twists and turns, it would seem that Elon Musk is getting closer to a deal and is ready to move forward with his planned $44 billion purchase of the tech giant. While it looked almost certain that he wouldn’t, with pending lawsuits placing doubt on the long-running deal ever from happening, we could now be entering the final chapter of negotiations.

However, in good humor today, Musk was caught entering the lobby at the San Francisco headquarters carrying a sturdy kitchen sink, looking for a place to put it.

The deal is yet to be signed, so we’re not sure yet whether Musk is 100% going to acquire the platform, but from all indications, it would seem that he’s about to.

Following comments that Musk was considering to fire 75% of Twitter staff if he bought the company, employees have been nervous about the ramifications of his takeover, and what it will mean for the company’s direction. Musk has been critical of the platform and raised the issue of bots having an impact on the user experience.

Despite the recent legal battle between Twitter and Musk, the deal is seeming more likely to go ahead, and could be concluded within the coming week.

Musk, who’s pioneering technology has changed the face of car manufacturing with Tesla, and space exploration through SpaceX, may be about to alter the social media landscape like we’ve never seen it before.

Is this a great moment for Twitter and Elon to re-shape what the social media platform stands for?

Source: Los Angeles Issue

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