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Redfeel launches new moisturising & light lipstick base in the UK

<div>Redfeel launches new moisturising & light lipstick base in the UK</div>

Redfeel has announced the launch of its latest lipstick base in the UK as it expands its offering in the growing beauty and makeup market.

With the company offering a number of high quality beauty, spa lipstick and makeup products, Redfeel acquires its raw materials from some of the world’s best production sources – and combines its unique technology purification process to enhance the active ingredients for the most effect matching. 

Having launched in numerous UK cities and across the EU, Redfeel’s latest products are set to enhance its offering following a period of closed testing at its Oceana skin laboratory.

As a beauty company, Redfeel’s unique research based skin testing programme has invited global beauticians to participate in product development, allowing Redfeel to get professional feedback from world renowned experts prior to launching its latest makeup and beauty products.

In the context of developing its range, the company has created a formula that best matches flavour to texture, to deliver a luxurious, and high quality product finish with skin care at the heart of their philosophy.


From developing their air cushion BB cream, to Redfeel’s moisturising & light lipstick and eyebrow pencils, colour options have been adapted depending on the user’s skin tones, along with a care series that utilises a number of organic ingredients to provide moisturising nourishment when applied. 

Adding both a light moisture and smooth touch to refine lips, Redfeel’s latest light lipstick is available to order through select stores from this week. 

Source: The Britonian