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Iconica launches digital workshops for business owners and marketing professionals

Iconica launches digital workshops for business owners and marketing professionals

BRIGHTON, 9 March, 2020 – Iconica has launched two new digital workshops aimed at business owners and marketing professionals that want to grow their businesses and achieve more sales through the web.

The two workshops will be tailored to individual business needs and provide a wealth of expertise to business owners as well as marketing teams that want to elevate their content strategies, target new customers and use different techniques and strategies to convert digital audiences into paying customers.

Iconica’s Brand Building Workshop will be a one-to-one online training programme for business owners that want to develop their brand image, increase their market presence, and convert more customers online through their digital properties. The 3-hour workshop will be tailored to suit the individual business, which will include a brand impact assessment carried out before the first workshop session takes place. Following the training, Iconica will follow up with the business to check on progress and provide additional recommendations where needed.

Iconica’s Immersive Content Workshop will provide marketing teams with advanced tactics on how to make content go viral, and how to leverage digital platforms to convert more fans into customers. Some of the topics that will be covered in the workshop include behavioural marketing, audience segmentation, the viral coefficient and more. The workshop will be available for both individuals and teams, conducted via video conferencing.

To learn more about Iconica’s digital training workshops, explore the latest programmes here.

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