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Iconica announces launch of the World News Index

Iconica announces launch of the World News Index

LONDON, 1 February, 2022 – Iconica has announced the launch of the World News Index, a news aggregator and syndication platform set to transform the media landscape.

The World News Index (WNI) provides the latest breaking headlines from around the world, covering topics from politics through to business, trade, markets, technology, health, science, entertainment and more.

In addition to producing original news stories as well as video broadcasts, the World News Index curates headlines from a private network of approved digital publications through its publisher partner program, further extending the diversity of its news offering to readers around the world.

Launching in partnership with 9 publishers from today, the World News Index is transforming news content distribution and discovery with its unique, free-to-access platform, available across mobile, tablet and desktop.

The World News Index: Introduction

(Video produced by the World News Index news team) 

Furthermore, the World News Index launches with two core service offerings for businesses and organisations seeking to expand their global footprint. These include:

WNI Presswire: A press release distribution service providing businesses with the option to distribute their latest news announcements through the World News Index and a global network of approved publishers in the U.K., Europe, U.S. and globally. From corporate announcements to statements and CSR related activities, companies and organisations can distribute their upcoming releases to expand their international reach. Access WNI Presswire

WNI Newsroom: A dedicated newsroom space for companies and organisations that want a permanent presence on the World News Index. This product includes a unique company bio, channel RSS feed, and additional branding options allowing businesses to promote their products and services on the platform. Newsrooms also have the option of being syndicated to the World News Index’s global network of publishers to further extend the reach of news announcements. Access WNI Newsroom

Through the use of open source technology, AI and the latest digital automation processes, the World News Index is changing how news is curated and distributed across the web. Highlighting both local and national stories, WNI seeks to bring a global perspective to readers, providing them with different view points while educating readers on what’s happening where they are.

News publishers can apply from today to syndicate their news through the World News Index. See the publisher partner program here for more information.

To learn more, discover the latest headlines from the World News Index, and connect on social media via Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram and YouTube.

About Iconica

Iconica is a global media and entertainment company creating immersive content experiences for audiences in over 100 countries. Through stories that inspire, empower, and entertain – Iconica’s mission is to create positive change in the world.

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