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Iconica announces launch of French news publication Métro Liberté on VE Day

Iconica announces launch of French news publication Métro Liberté on VE Day

LONDON, 8 May, 2020 – Iconica has announced the launch of its latest online news publication Métro Liberté to coincide with VE Day 75 years after the end of WW2.

Métro Liberté will provide the latest English language news and stories from France and the rest of Europe, revealing cultural insights, perspectives of business leaders and important events from across the European Union.

The publication was developed in the spirit of France’s main national motto “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” and will seek to promote French and European news to international English speaking audiences.

News topics on Métro Liberté will include stories from France’s business community and fashion industry as well as the latest highlights from the arts & culture sector. It will also promote new technologies, share the latest political developments and other news stories related to food, sport and photography.

Métro Liberté will place an emphasis on supporting French businesses, and promoting France’s global reputation. It will also feature developments from other European countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The publication will advocate for a united Europe and foster strong cultural connections between all nations.

It is free-to-access for readers around the world from today with no restrictions to news content access. Articles can be read on tablets, mobiles or desktop computers.

To discover more about Métro Liberté, visit the official website or follow the latest news stories from France and Europe by visiting Twitter or Instagram.

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