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Iconica announces launch of Digital Weekday magazine

Iconica announces launch of Digital Weekday magazine

New York, 7 January, 2020 – Iconica has announced the launch of Digital Weekday, an online news publication championing innovation and creativity, aimed at millennials in the U.S.

Digital Weekday will highlight the latest news and emerging trends across the U.S., covering a variety of topics including tech, business, music, film, sport, gaming, the nonprofit sector and more.

The platform will be freely available and accessible to all via desktop, mobile and tablet, with a slick design and an easy-to-read format for readers to consume content. Digital Weekday is also launching today a new digital, invite-only magazine that will be distributed to affluent readers, entrepreneurs and change-makers.

The digital magazine will include features on tech innovators, creative thinkers and thought leaders, discussing future trends and ideas that are emerging in today’s digitally connected world.

Digital Weekday will highlight the best and the brightest, championing new ideas from millennial business owners who are now at the forefront of social change in America, and leading the organisations of tomorrow.

To find out more, log on to the official website and follow the latest developments on Twitter and Instagram.

About Iconica

Iconica is a global media and entertainment company creating immersive content experiences for audiences in over 100 countries. Through stories that inspire, empower, and entertain – Iconica’s mission is to create positive change in the world.

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