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Piero reveals self-titled debut album following meteoric rise in Australia’s pop music scene

Piero reveals self-titled debut album following meteoric rise in Australia’s pop music scene

Rising pop music phenomenon Piero Widyastana is skyrocketing the digital charts following the release of his self-titled album.

The first single on his new album “Come My Way” features a powerful melody with deep and rich vocals that have excited the fans and received positive critical acclaim from music industry executives. Originally from Indonesia, the artist moved to Australia to pursue his dreams of launching his pop music career and has been working behind-the-scenes for several years to create his first album.

And it’s been an exciting year so far for Piero after he was recently nominated as Best New Artist at the 2021 Digital Music Awards, with his music set to break new ground as his 7-track album reveals his inner musical talents.

Deriving inspiration from some of the world’s most renowned singers and bands, the songwriter and singer has delved deep into the pop genre, reaching audiences across Asia from Bali in Indonesia to Sydney, Australia. And as he cements his authentic sound, he’s setting the stage and anticipation for his yet to be revealed upcoming live performances.

With an impressive list of achievements in the entertainment business from fashion modelling to acting, the artist is setting out his new musical vision to thrill listeners through inspiring ballads that hit the emotional chords.

Among some of his most successful tracks on the new album include a cover for “Zombie” by The Cranberries that received a host of raving reviews. Other popular tracks include “Humanize,” “If It Was Love” and “When I’m With You.”

Come My Way Music Video

“Come My Way” is the first track produced by Hit Music Producers Inc to be released from the new album showcasing Piero’s vocal abilities in an intimate studio performance.

To learn more about Piero’s latest album, connect with him on Spotify. You can also follow the singer on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, StarNow and LinkedIn.

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