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Banjii and Mayuri reveal their new seven-part video series, “Uncommon Love Story”

Banjii and Mayuri reveal their new seven-part video series, “Uncommon Love Story”
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Banjii and Mayuri, a Georgia-based award-winning music duo, have released “Uncommon Love Story,” a collection of original songs with each track conveying a different story but all connecting cohesively. Every song is complemented by music videos shot in various gorgeous locales across the United States, delving deeper into Banjii and Mayuri’s thoughts, souls, and lifestyles.

“Uncommon Love Story” a seven-part video series, is based on the eastern notion of the seven chakras, which are spiritual power centers in the human body. The first song, “Copper Lines,” debuted on September 29 and is about the first and root chakras, which signify survival and grounding.

The second song, “Ancient Lover” which was published on November 19, is about the second and sacral chakras and expresses sensuality. Finally, “Gaslighted” the third song, is comparable to the third and solar plexus chakras in that it explores genuine human emotion.

Banjii and Mayuri choose filming locations for their videos based on the flow of their daily life, and each video offers a compelling story. The first film, “Copper Lines,” was shot on location at their wedding in Arizona and showcases their wedding ceremony, which was prepared in 48 hours with the help of an elopement firm in Sedona.

Although the song’s impetus, timing, and synchronicity felt suitable to celebrate and shoot at the site that inspired the music, the song’s impetus, timing, and synchronicity appeared fitting to celebrate and shoot at the location that was the inspiration for the music.

The album’s second track, “Ancient Lover,” delves more into their love story, a tale of neighbors who met and finally fell in love during the pandemic. The video highlights locations in California that the couple visited during their honeymoon.

Finally, “Gaslighted,” their third and most current publication, adds a new depth to their story by introducing Banjii’s offspring, Edwin and William.

The song follows Edwin’s toy llama as he travels around Georgia’s landscapes. Edwin and his llama are on a mission to locate a new home for his llama, accompanied by Banjii and Mayuri, as well as elder brother William.

The remaining episodes will be released over the course of eight months. The places are yet to be revealed, which has piqued the interest of fans and music journalists alike. Various subjects will be discussed, including letting go of cultural expectations, reclaiming your power and independence, navigating life changes, and progressing to the next level.

The song “Gaslighted” is accessible on all major music streaming services, including YouTube. Learn more about their forthcoming projects by visiting their website or following them on Instagram.

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