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BookingCW Real Estate reveals latest selection of global property rentals

BookingCW Real Estate reveals latest selection of global property rentals
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BookingCW Real Estate, a global online travel portal for travel agents and travelers, has revealed its latest property rental offers.

With global travel on the rise following the removal of restrictions, international destinations from Dubai to Los Angeles have become increasingly popular. As the world’s economy also goes through changes, an influx of remote workers have been seeking accommodation in top travel destinations for the first time. This has brought a lot of opportunity not just for digital nomads to find flexible accommodation, but also for property owners to find a more lucrative source of income.

Providing a variety of search options through its portal, BookingCW Real Estate allows users to search for cities around the world, and book accommodation for different durations. Depending on their requirements, travelers can also compare prices between cities, and make more in-depth travel plans.

Also providing services for businesses, BookingCW Real Estate allows companies and homeowners to list their properties for rent or for sale. This includes land sales which can be listed internationally along with villa or apartment sales.

With each property getting its dedicated page along with pricing information, cancellation policies, a full text-description box, Google map and a gallery of images, the site is showcasing some of the best properties to global travelers, with regularly updated listings. Hotel accommodation can also be arranged through the website using its search feature, by region, and for specific cities.

Thanks to BookingCW Real Estate’s large membership, property owners looking to sell their apartments or villas are able to receive significant international exposure. To view the latest real estate properties available for rent or for sale, you can explore the real estate booking section to find out more.

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