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Briana Amerson releases her latest Halloween Cosplay outfits – Exclusive

Briana Amerson releases her latest Halloween Cosplay outfits – Exclusive
© Psychokittykatgaming

Fantasy gaming and Instagram star Briana Amerson aka Psychokittykatgaming has revealed her latest cosplay outfits for the Halloween season.

Having built a fanbase of loyal gamers online through her social media channels including Instagram and YouTube, Amerson is an avid gamer playing top titles from Fortnite to Call of Duty and Resident Evil 3. With her growing global fanbase, Amerson has a keen passion for cosplay outfits and fantasy art – regularly sharing her unique costumes with her audience.

Revealing her latest cosplay outfits this week, Amerson has developed stunning pictures from the comfort of her own home studio setup – allowing her to experiment and create inspiring content for her gaming audience.

This week, Amerson did a photoshoot for the Halloween season, revealing a new fantasy character with some stunning backdrops for an extra special surprise.

Speaking to Digital Weekday, Amerson said, “I love how fantasy and art can be combined to create unique cosplay outfits, and I wanted to share my latest creations with the fans to celebrate the Halloween season!”

Psychokittykatgaming gallery



© Psychokittykatgaming

To learn how Briana sets up her home studio shoots, see the video below which goes into detail:

Briana Amerson Home Studio

To find out more, visit her official website or connect with Briana on Instagram and YouTube.

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