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France will impose quarantine measure on UK travellers in blow to tourism

France will impose quarantine measure on UK travellers in blow to tourism
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France has shared its regret with the UK after it decided to enact a strict 14-day quarantine on all international travellers.

A spokesman for France’s Interior Minister confirmed Friday that the French government had taken note of Britain’s deicision to impose the quarantine, and would respond with a reciprocal measure. This means that all UK travellers are set to face an equivalent quarantine of 14 days, making it more difficult for people to plan their holidays.

The news is a blow to French tourism as the country reels from a record economic fall not seen since World War 2. Prior to today’s development, it had been suggested that France would be exempted from the measure, but this is no longer the case.

As the UK continues to endure a slow recovery from the pandemic, France has faired better in handling its coronavirus cases in recent weeks. This has allowed a loosening of restrictions but in the UK, there is less willingness to open up the country to international travellers – with additional pressure from existing cases still causing problems.

While France will not be restricting travel in the same manner for other countries, British tourists provide revenue for the hospitality industry, and the new quarantine measures will significantly impact holiday bookings this summer.

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Source: Métro Liberté