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Is the French diet about to get healthier?

Is the French diet about to get healthier?
© Pixabay

France is world renowned for its food and cuisine, and in the aftermath of COVID-19, could things be about to get even healthier?

Just before the lockdown, there was a huge rise in stockpiling for longterm items that are deemed less healthy. Tinned fruit and vegetables were among the many items people hoarded but in a turn of events, people have been staying at home, and spending more time in the kitchen.

With so many French citoyens staying home and learning to cook better, it is anticipated that a rise in fruit and vegetable sales, especially organic produce, could be just around the corner. And with so many people missing their brasserie experiences, bringing the high quality cuisine back to the home is even more relevant today.

While the lockdown may ease in the coming weeks, it is anticipated that restaurants, brasseries and bars will remain closed, prolonging the desire – and therefore increasing demand at home to cook more sophisticated meals. After all, eating from tins for so many weeks on end is bound to change habits.

Source: Métro Liberté