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Roosevelt Merisier fights for the justice of fellow friend and mentor Joslyn Morgan in new documentary Status Symbol

Roosevelt Merisier fights for the justice of fellow friend and mentor Joslyn Morgan in new documentary Status Symbol
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Filmmaker Roosevelt Merisier has revealed his new documentary film “Status Symbol” that sheds light on the tragic death of his mentor, Joslyn Morgan.

It was back in 2020 when Joslyn Morgan was announced dead in Philadelphia after his body had been discovered on the 2700 block of South 3rd Street. CBS reported that Morgan was found in a burning Jeep Wrangler with a close-range gunshot wound to the head according to medical examiners.

Witnesses at the scene of the incident said that an argument had broken out between Morgan and a client, Luis Cruz, over a recent roofing repair job which led to an altercation. Footage allegedly showing Cruz walking into a store shortly after the incident was obtained in connection with the murder investigation. Detectives at the scene had also found evidence that reportedly linked Morgan’s murder to 39-year-old Luis Cruz. Philadelphia District’s Attorney’s Office subsequently filed murder charges and Cruz was taken into custody by local police.

Having worked with Morgan closely for 2 years, FNO Productions founder and filmmaker Roosevelt Merisier had fond memories of him, as he had been a leading figure in the community. Josh was a real estate investor who had helped families find homes in the area, and had been a close mentor to Merisier who derived inspiration from his teachings. Morgan’s tragic death was deeply felt by all those who knew him.

With a background in film production and events curation, Merisier has been advocating for justice with his new documentary chronicling Morgan’s life. Following the news that Philadelphia’s District Attorney would be seeking to downgrade a first-degree murder charge against Josh’s alleged murderer in conjunction with a third-degree plea deal by the defendant’s legal team, Merisier has been raising awareness of the case.

Having recently released a trailer for the new documentary, “Status Symbol” seeks to raise awareness of Josh’s life and how he was providing opportunities for the local community.

Status Symbol : The Life of Joslyn Morgan

The trailer features a number of personal interviews with friends and families as well as reporting around the murder. To coincide with the documentary’s first trailer, the family and Roosevelt started a nationwide social media campaign with the hashtag #JusticeforJosh to encourage people to make their voice heard regarding the case.

Those involved in the case including DA Larry Krasner as well as Chesley Lightsey and Joanne Pescatore are being urged to carefully consider the implications of downgrading the charges – with the campaign’s ultimate goal in ensuring that justice is served for the murder of Joslyn Morgan.

Source: Los Angeles Issue

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