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Award-winning short film “Speak” set to be released

Award-winning short film “Speak” set to be released
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The award-winning short film “Speak” will be released on March 1, according to Hoffy’s Heart Productions. An adolescent girl attempting to find her place in the world is the emotional subject of an independent film written and directed by Robin Hofmann.

This latest short is another in Hoffy’s Heart Productions’ line-up that uses strong plotlines, drama, and humor to push for social justice and give individuals with disabilities a voice.

With the realization that everyone has pieces of themselves that they strive to hide, Sarah, a little girl with a speech problem, finds confidence in the touching story Speak. The film boasts an impressive ensemble of up-and-coming performers and does it in an engaging and thought-provoking manner while discussing significant and contemporary problems that are pertinent to today’s youth.

The small, independent production firm Hoffy’s Heart Productions is committed to producing films with deep emotional resonance. They are excited to share Speak with audiences as their most recent endeavor in this mission. A number of awards, including “Best Drama” at the New York International Film Awards, the Paris Film Awards, and the Love Your Shorts Film Festival 2022, have been given to the endearing short film.

Source: Los Angeles Issue

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