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The Classic District brings out underrepresented fashion brands as new trends emerge

The Classic District brings out underrepresented fashion brands as new trends emerge
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The Classic District, a fast rising platform that curates underrepresented brands, is helping to educate fashion enthusiasts about up and coming trends.

With underrated and underrepresented brands often struggling to make their name heard, The Classic District was founded on the principle of bringing new inspiring ideas and looks to men that are seeking to understand the latest fashion.

Having discovered a number of unknown Italian fashion brands, The Classic District has been showcasing niche clothing lines, shoes and accessories to give ideas to men on how to update their outfits, where to get the newest items that are not typically in the mainstream and how to stand out. Showing a variety of high quality clothing including suits and jackets, the platform has already become a go-to destination for men to get inspired.

After originally launching itself on Instagram, The Classic District found early success among Italy’s footballers, who had a keen passion for the sartorial world of suits and became advocates by encouraging their fans to follow the latest updates on fashion revealed by The Classic District.

Among the types of clothing that have been popular include the single-breasted, double-breasted and peaked lapel suits, with high end fabrics from brands such as Loro Piana, Caccioppoli, Fox Brothers 1772, and Lanificio Cerruti 1881.

Showcasing new looks over the past 12 months, The Classic District has captured the imagination of thought leaders, celebrities and major brands as it reveals its carefully curated items and presents them to the world. From actor Jeremy Piven to WWE wrestler Montel, artist Diego Passoni and Formula 1 driver Jenson Button, the rapid rise of the platform has helped cultivate a renewed passion among men for styling and the world of classic looks.

Fashion brands have also taken note of the latest styles. Among them include Falconeri, Tonino Lamborghini, Tombolini and Massimo Piombo to name but a few.

Ahead of the launch of its boutique e-commerce shop that will offer unique clothes and accessories from underrated and niche high-end Italian brands, The Classic District has been featuring a variety of styles to pique people’s interest. For those emerging brands seeking to combine colors and fabrics, they can also discover what’s next through The Classic District’s latest showcase.

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