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Stylist & entrepreneur Aisha setting trends with her latest new clothing line

<div>Stylist & entrepreneur Aisha setting trends with her latest new clothing line</div>
© Aisha

Aisha has been setting trends online ever since she launched her boutique clothing brand, Goonz Wit Diamondz.

The entrepreneur and celebrity stylist revealed on Instagram this week some of her latest outfits, and has been working hard behind the scenes to bring the latest fashion to the forefront.

Among some of her most popular outfits include the “What she Wore” dress, her KL Onepiece in electric orange and the bold artsy Double Breasted Straight Leg Pants Suit that also features a shawl lapel blazer.

But she’s not just stopping there. Since the start of the year, Aisha has been building a new brand on the side as demand grows for personal styling, where she’ll be applying her unique vision and expertise in helping clients stand apart.


Launching Styled By Asia B later this year, she confirmed to Digital Weekday that she’ll be working as a wardrobe stylist and Creative Director to help people get their fashion choices just right, and for Instagram stars looking to shine, she knows exactly how to cultivate the right style. With demand already high for her personal touch, Aisha’s move into personal styling will help her work closely one-to-one with clients looking to take their fashion choices to the next level.


And it goes without saying that Aisha’s latest entrepreneurial journey is just the tip of the iceberg. With her growing community of 100k fans on Instagram, she’s successfully built a loyal following that’s helped her launch multiple brands. As she gets involved in more projects across the entertainment and fashion industries, we can’t wait to see what she’s up to next!

Discover Aisha’s latest outfits and see her updates on Instagram.

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