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YouTuber Sean Kviyat inspires Americans to get back into shape with latest workout videos

YouTuber Sean Kviyat inspires Americans to get back into shape with latest workout videos
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YouTuber and professional bodybuilder Sean Kviyat has released his latest workout videos to encourage people to step up their fitness routine.

With so many Americans now working remotely, it’s become a necessity for people of all ages to keep up with their fitness as they spend less time traveling to work or going out than before.

Sean Kviyat this week showed how people can get their fitness routine up and running with simple exercises to burn those extra calories. Among the bodybuilder’s most popular videos include his special behind-the-scenes 1000 calories challenge with his exercise bike that can be done from home.

Sean Kviyat’s 30-minute HIIT workout

For those that are serious about their health, and want to lose weight the right way, Kviyat’s 30-minute intensive HIIT workout could also be just the right formula to take things to the next level. “No dream is too big if you’re willing to put in the work,” according to the bodybuilder, who’s dedicated himself to improving his fitness and maintaining a strong physique.

Through a combo of stretches, lifts and exercises covering the legs, glutes, abs and upper body, Sean Kviyat takes people through his workout regimen step-by-step.

And for the truly dedicated fitness enthusiasts, they can try to match Sean’s impressive 1000 pushups challenge which helps to burn over 500 calories in one sitting. But it’s not for the faint hearted.

According to the CDC, adults should dedicate at least 150 minutes a week to moderate exercise, which equates to 30 minutes per day over 5 days. Among some of the recommended activities include moderate to vigorous aerobic activity, and mixture of brisk walking and muscle strengthening exercises to maintain a healthy body weight and overall physical fitness.

Have you tried starting a new workout to stay in shape?

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