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The new Komeet X9 e-scooter makes its debut as it brings longer range autonomy to users

The new Komeet X9 e-scooter makes its debut as it brings longer range autonomy to users
Komeet X9 e-scooter

The launch of the Komeet X9 e-scooter is set to bring extra range to users looking for increased autonomy.

Following its successful campaign on IndieGogo, the Komeet X9 has been preparing its official market launch, with pre-orders for the e-scooter currently being accepted for guaranteed deliveries in November including free shipping.

The creators of the e-scooter moved beyond the prototype phase to manufacturing after successful trials earlier this year.


Providing an impressive range with one battery charge, both versions of the Komeet X9 are set to disrupt traditional transport with its green credentials aligned to the Paris Climate Accord goals of a Net-Zero future.

Among some of its features include a maximum speed of 25mph as well as a power output of up to 1100W depending on which version of the e-scooter people choose to order. The climbing angle of the Komeet X9 is also geared at 25-30°, allowing users more scope to go up steeper hills, particularly useful in countryside settings and more mountainous regions.


The e-scooter also comes with front and rear disk brakes as well as an intelligent LED display. With its wide and large tires, handlebar and wide deck of 7.2in in width, the Komeet X9 is also offering a more accessible frame for a variety of different use cases. The bright 3W highlight headlight is also another feature that gives users the option to travel in a low light setting. 

Komeet X9 – Luxury E-Scooter Trailer

The Komeet X9 e-scooter with more than 10,000 PCS/Month is currently available in two versions including the Komeet X9, 36V500W with a max power output of 850W. The second, the Komeet X9 Pro, 48V550W, with a max power of 1100W.

With each version of the e-scooter customisable with various battery capacity options with ranges of up to 62 miles, its removable unit allows flexibility for charging and enhanced endurance.

For small trips in the town, to longer treks in the city, there are numerous ways to enjoy the Komeet X9’s extended range and durable features thanks to its uniquely designed electric powered motor.

Features of the Komeet X9

For those looking to protect the environment and avoid unnecessary trips, the e-scooter is a must-have accessory that can be purchased in advanced starting at an affordable £339 with free shipping included.

Have you considered investing in an environmentally friendly e-scooter for your next trip?

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Source: Britain Daily