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Neerav Vadera of G7FX helping music industry executives and artists learn about trading as a side hustle

Neerav Vadera of G7FX helping music industry executives and artists learn about trading as a side hustle
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Investing expert Neerav Vadera has been at the forefront of an increasingly popular side hustle in the music business: Forex trading.

Having worked in investment banking for more than a decade, Neerav Vadera launched a new online digital training program for would-be investors and entrepreneurs seeking to create a new revenue stream for themselves. And as the popularity of online trading and side hustles grow, the music business is taking note.

Following the launch of his digital platform, G7FX, Neerav Vadera has been helping music industry executives, artists, record label owners and technicians find a potentially lucrative revenue stream. Since the pandemic, music industry revenues have taken a hit, and many artists, producers and industry execs have had to turn to side hustles in order to make up the difference in lost sales.

While trading is not for everyone, there’s a growing niche of private investors and upcoming traders in the music business that are making gains on international markets thanks to newly accessible knowledge. Because of this, there are now more specialized training courses that are suitable for people in different situations that are not going down the traditional career path, or focusing on a fixed 9-5 city job.

Neerav Vadera, who worked for many years on multi-million dollar trades within the investment banking world, decided that it was time to bring his knowledge to a new industry and make it easier for people to get started. As the entertainment industry goes through a dramatic transformation, it’s become increasingly important for execs as well as musicians to supplement their income with a suitable and flexible side hustle.

With G7FX, Neerav has designed two programs to help upcoming traders and established pros make their moves on the global markets. Using simulated money, newcomers to Forex and Futures trading can learn the ropes, understand the market fundamentals, and get a taste of what they could be earning. Once they have a grasp of the market dynamics and can understand the data that shows the movements within different industries, private traders can start to make small but calculated investments.

Benefits of the G7FX training program also include easy-to-understand course training, a host of videos and real-world case studies to give people an edge, so that they can learn from practical examples and similar situations.

As music artists look to build their careers and finance projects from music videos to PR, having a side gig or a part-time hustle that can provide gains over time is a must have. And although there is a learning curve to trading, for savvy entrepreneurs and music executives alike, there’s the additional benefit of getting leading market insights, which can help individuals learn more about investing as a whole.

Following the impact of the pandemic, music venues around the world have been closed. This has led to significant losses in concert ticket sales as well as sponsorship and brand deals for labels as well as artists. In the new post-pandemic economy, a digital first, and flexible approach to earning an income has become a reality for many.

So how can music executives and artists learn about trading? G7FX provides two comprehensive programs that are divided into a Foundation and a Pro Course. Each comes with their own set of video training and access to a community. With comprehensive tools, market analysis and chart data, there’s a wealth of knowledge available in both programs depending on which stage you’re at in your investing career.

G7FX has built its program in a way that individuals can learn about investing remotely, and in their own time. The teachings also include practical market knowledge so there are some real scenarios that people can learn from when they are first understanding the technical and market dynamics.

With trading, there are a host of technical terms and specific industry tools to learn about, which are all highlighted in Vadera’s program. Having found that he wanted a better work-life balance, Neerav Vadera decided that an online program that teaches both institutional investing and private investing would be best adapted as a training course.

In just a few short months, Neerav’s program has managed to gain several thousand students who have enrolled to get its insights and learn about the Forex and Futures markets.

As for those who have yet to start a career in investing, Forex trading can seem like a daunting task, but with digital training, complex investment terms have been broken down into easy steps so people who don’t come from a traditional investment background can understand the information.

Neerav Vadera built the program in order to get his insights shared with future investors who want to take a different path. In the music business, there can often be uncertainty for musicians as well as execs, so finding another stable, long-term revenue stream can prove beneficial, even if it’s not the main focus. Newcomers can also see Neerav’s YouTube channel to discover insights on his training and get a taste of the platform before making a commitment.

Having found a better balance by becoming a private trader, Neerav saw first-hand how private trading could be a gateway for opportunities and income generation for people from different industries. Wanting to find an easier way of making a side hustle, Neerav is encouraging new investors to consider the opportunities within the global financial markets to help them find another revenue stream to support their life goals. Making the education accessible has also been a priority for the ex investment banker, who’s also built the platform from the ground up with new investors in mind, and has been helping traders get their first insights into finance, while continuing to build the G7FX platform to provide additional resources with the latest knowledge.

Are you looking at side hustle opportunities to grow your revenue and build your entertainment career?

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading, including the use of leveraged products is extremely risky & can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable advice should be obtained before starting any trading activity in the financial markets.

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