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How Gen-Z entrepreneur Freddy Bunkers embraced environmental stewardship to build a successful brand

How Gen-Z entrepreneur Freddy Bunkers embraced environmental stewardship to build a successful brand
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20-year-old entrepreneur Freddy Bunkers has been leading a change in sustainability ever since he set out to solve a frustrating problem he and many of his friends were facing after playing long hours of volleyball.

At just the age of 15, Bunkers had a bright idea to develop a product that could be used to wipe down the sweat from an intense workout which eventually became the first ‘superwipe’ product of its generation.

Having set out his idea, he started to do his research and eventually launched his brand HyperGo with a unique product that could be used anywhere. Since its launch, it has become a profound success story and popular among fitness enthusiasts, campers, hikers and even sports athletes. But for Bunkers, it wasn’t just about having a natural full body wipe on the go. The entrepreneur wanted to create a product that had sustainability in mind, which was a key factor in the brand’s success.

With the impact of climate change and sustainability being one of the most important considerations for Gen-Z consumers, having a brand that solves a problem, and helps the environment, is a major consideration for young shoppers. And as people look toward sustainability, it’s become increasingly vital for brands to explore how they can make a difference, protect the planet, and provide a great offer.

In pursuing the development of his product, the entrepreneur sourced biodegradable materials and incorporated carbon neutral shipping into his business. This meant that for every order made, trees would be planted in the Amazon, minimizing the environmental footprint of his brand so that products would be effectively carbon-neutral. By embracing sustainability as part of his business model, and what he calls “environmental stewardship,” it’s made a tremendous difference and through his brand’s popularity, other new startups are looking at his example to do the same.

With HyperGo now becoming recognized internationally among sports athletes from the NFL through to NASCAR and MMA, HyperGo Wipes are set to release new product lines later this year.

Have you considered launching a sustainable business that solves a problem and makes a difference?

Source: Los Angeles Issue