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GogolCoin set to unlock smart housing across the world with new cryptocurrency powered app

GogolCoin set to unlock smart housing across the world with new cryptocurrency powered app

Technology disruption is coming to smart homes as GogolCoin launches the world’s first cryptocurrency enabled remote app for home owners.

As the UK property market booms following the pandemic, virtual property tours have taken over, but now there’s a growing demand for remote smart home management and integration within the digital currency space.

GogolCoin has built its app from the ground up to help deliver a world class experience for its customers in the UK and around the world. Tapping into cryptocurrencies, GogolCoin is providing customers with a way to create their own digital wallets while managing their homes at a distance.

By removing costs of banking fees, transaction charges and currency transfer limitations, GogolCoin has set its vision on making an impact to the smart home owner by providing an all-in-one technology solution to manage assets remotely.

In addition to their goals for disrupting home ownership, the founders of the business have been developing tools to integrate financial home products into their app – the next step in their evolution as they work on creating a new kind of relationship between payments and home solution providers.

With its unique digital solution, GogolCoin is unlocking the full potential of easy, remote home management, all with the goal of saving people time and transaction costs by embedding all of their home’s financial transactions and smart IoT devices under one roof.

As home owners seek to digitise their property management, and with the growth in cryptocurrency use, smart homes are set to become the new frontier of technology disruption. And for early adopters, being able to manage their own cryptocurrency within a single digital wallet while overseeing all aspects of their property could provide a market disrupting force – and enable property owners with larger portfolios to manage their assets more effectively.

For Scotland’s home owners, GogolCoin is forging ahead with its industry disruptor with the aim of empowering remote access to homes to provide another layer of security – especially useful when travelling or abroad.

In association with GogolCoin

Source: Daily Scotland

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