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G7FX founder Neerav Vadera is changing how Retail Traders learn about the Forex markets

G7FX founder Neerav Vadera is changing how Retail Traders learn about the Forex markets
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With many years of industry experience in investment banking, former trader Neerav Vadera has been developing education to bring Forex knowledge to people around the world.

Having launched his online digital learning platform G7FX, Neerav Vadera has been helping brand new retail forex and futures traders in addition to seasoned pros learn about some of the latest investment strategies and approaches for success in Forex and Futures trading.

As with any new profession, it takes time to learn the many technical and real-life practical lessons to become proficient at the craft, and G7FX has become a popular platform that makes trading knowledge accessible.

Neerav Vadera, a former Barclays investment bank trader, discovered that there was a growing demand for specialized education that could help remote traders and entrepreneurs learn about investing, and how the markets work. After a 15-year career at some of the world’s top institutions including investment banks, he decided it was time to create a community and digital resource that could give people the right education to get started.

Following the impact of the global pandemic, people have been leaving the major cities in order to set themselves up for a more balanced lifestyle. With the shift out of the office in the past 18 months, entrepreneurs as well as traders have prioritized the work-life balance and are looking for training to set their new life goals in motion. With many traders choosing not to go down the traditional corporate career ladder, there’s a large gap in the market for online training, where G7FX is helping to fill the void.

Neerav has built the G7FX program to adapt to our new reality, and has found success since its launch, helping traders learn the institutional lessons of investing without having to spend years going down a stressful career path. Experiencing the difficulties and many challenges throughout his career, Neerav became an accomplished private investor outside of the high pressure institutional investing environment. Offering two comprehensive programs through G7FX, Neerav Vadera is providing detailed digital libraries of content from video lessons through to advanced trading strategies, depending on the level of education of each individual. The course materials have also been created from Neerav’s direct experience in the institutional world and as an investment banker , giving people the two perspectives.

As part of his training program, Neerav has developed a framework to help traders deconstruct the vast technical complexities of global investing, and break these down into insightful lesson plans. The G7FX training programs also include areas such as the fundamentals on supply and demand dynamics as well as the price fluctuations within the market.

For the advanced traders, the Pro Course that G7FX offers goes further and dives into detail on trading strategies, moving away from Standard DOMs with a focus on footprint charts as well as volume profile and VWAP.

As with any trading program, G7FX comes with a learning curve, but for beginner traders, there’s a wealth of knowledge that can help them discover whether they wish to pursue a career in the Forex markets. With the average daily trade volume exceeding $5 trillion in the financial markets, there have been many success stories of individual investors who have managed to build the life that they want.

For those that have already achieved initial success in investing, they can learn from Neerav Vadera’s career journey and get the advanced insights on the markets so that they can make better informed decisions on what to invest in. In a global context, there are many events that can lead to large price fluctuations and impact traders. This is why Neerav chose to create a program that ensures traders understand these fundamentals. Without this perspective, it’s very easy for traders to take large risks without properly understanding how to respond and adapt to changing realities.

Having held a contrarian view to traditional retail schooling, Neerav Vadera recently highlighted how creating a clear business plan and timeline prior to investing in the stock market was more suitable as a first step. When it comes to the use of the “Fibonacci Strategy” that is used to measure upcoming market movements, Neerav encourages orderflow as a replacement strategy given that it provides a much clearer picture of current institutional positioning in the market.

In terms of analysis, Neerav also encourages an approach of dismantling the chart and looking at data which drives real market changes as opposed to studying how to purchase and sell. And having learned the hard lessons from the institutional banking world, Neerav has also prioritized sharing his experiences with specific case studies so that investors are more aware about how they need to be approaching the market.

Having delved into digital education with G7FX, Neerav Vadera has become a prominent figure within trading, with several thousand students already enrolled in his various programs.

For newcomers and established traders, G7FX provides a host of resources that can help set a career path in motion. Whether traders are looking to upskill on existing knowledge or learn about new market trading techniques, G7FX provides the groundwork to get future investors updated.

G7FX also encourages the use of simulated money to test strategies on the financial markets in order to ensure that investment decisions can be measured and learned from. This is especially important for new investors that are not yet attuned to the current landscape and may miss the crucial teachings of seeing their first simulated trades.

While many private traders have managed to build successful careers and earn a full-time revenue, Neerav Vadera’s program is also suitable for entrepreneurs and investors that want to delve into the Forex markets on a part-time basis, balancing trading with other commitments.

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Financial disclaimer: Financial trading, including the use of leveraged products is extremely risky & can result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Suitable advice should be obtained before starting any trading activity in the financial markets.

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