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Furniture fittings supplier Furnica sees demand surge as UK home office renovation boom continues

Furniture fittings supplier Furnica sees demand surge as UK home office renovation boom continues
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With Britain’s home office renovation boom in full swing, Furniture fittings supplier Furnica revealed this week a growing demand for a variety of furniture components.

Furnica, which was established in 2016, has grown its manufacturing business in the UK and across Europe over the last several years. Providing pre-packaged products including cabinet hinges, drawer slides, and fittings, the manufacturer delivers essential components to help homeowners and businesses make renovations.

As Britain’s GDP experiences a record rebound following the impact of the pandemic, domestic manufacturing has been in high demand, particularly as a global supply chains become strained.

Among the manufacturer’s most popular items include drawer systems and slides in various measurements for specific renovations and home upgrades. Drawer slides, also known as drawer runners, are mechanisms that allow individual drawers to slide in and out of a drawer unit, allowing users to conveniently access their contents.

Components such as drawer slides have been in high demand as homeowners upgrade their own office environments. With the sudden transition to remote working, there’s been a shift in how people manage their professional lives, and as a result, are seeking to renovate spare rooms into small studies. Homeowners are also converting existing parts of their properties into areas dedicated for business, which requires more specialist components and furniture to fit in different spaces.

For remote workers, home renovation projects are helping to separate their business activities by creating a dedicated area that is quiet and provides the in-home office experience.

And for those savvy business owners, there are numerous advantages in using your own property to run a small company, with its cost savings, tax advantages and practical convenience among some of the benefits.

Are you looking to carry out a home renovation project in the near future?

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Source: Britain Daily