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Equanimity launches to fix tense or toxic relationships in business

Equanimity launches to fix tense or toxic relationships in business
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Equanimity, a new service that allows business partners to re-evaluate their aspirations and future, has launched to fix relationships in business.

Equanimity was founded by Anne Marie Payne and Mark Casey, experienced communication professionals who have “walked in the shoes” of many businesspeople. Having worked in partnerships for decades and experiencing the inevitable conflict and tension, they appreciate first-hand how draining it is on the partners and how important it is to listen and mediate in a fair and balanced way.

Equanimity is for any business where relationships between principals are fractured, tense, toxic or at an impasse; any business being affected by tension; any business where conflict needs to be resolved; individuals experiencing a negative personal affect from a business relationship and partners who want to exit the business.

Commenting on the launch Anne Marie and Mark agreed; “In the last 25 years we have both led businesses where partnerships have become challenging, strained and in a small number of cases totally broken down. We know what it is like to walk into a meeting room and know that your colleague on the other side of the table is not on the same page as you. And that is why we founded Equanimity. We understand how people feel in this situation and we will work with them to fix those business relationships.”

“Let’s be honest, conflict in business sucks and for too long that conflict has been brushed under the carpet creating resentment and frustration. We want people to feel better and supported and Equanimity has become a real vocation for us. To achieve our goal, we have developed a new four step constructive guidance process that puts the individual first, then the business. We aim to find the best way forward and to continue that process to its natural conclusion, we are joined by a diverse collection of specialists who can provide any support that an individual or a business needs, something that is unique to Equanimity.”

Have you considered re-evaluating your business aspirations and fixing those relationships?

Source: Britain Daily